Seasonal Faires

Spring Fairy

I bring back Spring on delicate wings,

As the natural world awakens and sings.

Buds bloom and blossom at my touch,

Awakening the flowers I love so much.

With raindrops and sun I paint rainbows in the skies,

And drink nectar from buttercups with the butterflies.

And lilies of the valley, how I love to hear them ring,

When the spring breezes and the songbirds and the fairies sing.

Summer Fairy

When the sweltering sun chases after me,

I will swing on its rays to the deep blue sea.

Or dip in a stream where I can float and dream.

And there I shall stay, till the sun sets low,

And the night sky awakens and the bonfires glow.

I'll dance among the moonbeams of a midsummer's night,

Under brightly shining stars and the fireflies' light.

We fairies of the summer get to live in a world

Where the sun is always shining and it never gets cold.

Autumn Fairy

I ride in on clouds as the north wind sings,

With colours of Autumn on my wings.

While I soar on the wind, I delight in this game,

As I touch each leaf and call it by name.

Ruby, topaz, amber and gold,

Till the forest's aflame and its glory unfolds.

Winter Fairy

You may look upon me as harsh and cold,

But winter's secrets are hushed and untold.

Nature is dreaming til Springtime awakes;

Hidden 'neath delicate, crystallized flakes.

With a whisper of frost and the touch of my hand,

I've created a winter wonderland.

I say to the clouds, “Let it snow! Let it snow!”

Then white Winter jewels fall and put on their show.

Nature keeps no secrets, it only requires eyes that see.

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