Re-awaken to the

magic all around you. 

Recover the sixth sense of child-like wonder

you were born with. 

My Story

Kathy acquired a deep reverence and love for the wonder and beauty of nature from homeschooling her children and from spending her own childhood in her backyard. She aspires to help children of all ages discover nature's secrets in the forest, meadow, wild gardens and in their own back yard. She is passionate about engaging students in the wonder and beauty of nature in creative, engaging ways so that they may discover its life-long source of refreshment.

Our Books

Nature's Secrets in Our Backyards and Beyond

(Second Edition 2019)


All it takes is a willing heart and the “sixth sense” of wonder to discover diamonds in your own back yard: stars twinkling in the night sky, dewdrops shimmering on a spider web in the morning sun, mica sparkling in gravel when you hold it up to the sun....

Use this companion to immerse you and your children in the beauty of each season. It reveals secret wonders just waiting to be discovered in your backyard through the language of poetry, picture books, children's literature, art, picture study, music and nature experiences that become memories with your children.


This companion is recommended for children of all ages. It is intended to be enjoyed year after year to experience worlds of wonder and create traditions that enrich daily life.

Nature's Secrets is not a curriculum, it is a way of life. A way of seeing a world of wonder all around us.


More Secrets

(Supplement to First Edition) 

More Secrets provides MORE living book, poetry, art, music and nature study recommendations that reveal secrets waiting to be discovered in our backyards each month.  It also includes the monthly recommendations of the first edition.  It does not include Seasonal Fairy Illustrations, How to Create Fairy & Gnome Home (instructions and resources), or devotional insights on re-discovering the sixth sense of wonder and living in grace.

More Secrets is not a curriculum, it is a way of life. A way of seeing a world of wonder all around us.



Nature keeps no secrets, it only requires eyes that see.

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